About us

Warrior & Zupfend was founded in 2019, with the task of offering customers light and breathable sneakers for women, men and kids. Our shop is spread over about 200 square meters where you can find the different departments periodically replenished to offer you the chance to find the right shoes and to always be comfortable and fashionable... at unbeatable prices!

Why buy Warrior® & Zupfend shoes?


Warrior® brand

Warrior® & Zupfend shoes are made in collaboration with the famous Warrior® brand, Chinese leader in the production of sports shoes, founded in 1927 in Shanghai.


Fashion and Comfort

Warrior® & Zupfend shoes are produced on the basis of current trends in the sector, in order to offer items that are always fashionable and at the same time guaranteeing comfort.


Leisure and Sports

Warrior® & Zupfend shoes are specifically designed for leisure and sports, suitable for men, women and children and for every occasion.